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Happy Birthday Professor Jung

A seeker attempting to articulate the inarticulatable matters of the heart at some point during this contemplative walk, arrives at the garden of knowledge pruned and cultivated by Carl G. Jung.

A garden where the soil is adaptable to the nature of the seeds of ideas, seeds that seek refuge in the versatile fertility of this soil to become trees of wisdom, and the fruit thence borne is forbidden only to the dishonest seeker.

The garden of Jung is indeed dream-like. It is where abstract seeds become concrete plants, and abstract flowers bare concrete fruits. It enhances ones ability to contemplate the abstract and transmute it into concrete articulations.

It is a dreamlike garden where fruition happens in unusual ways, it works with the unknown and makes the known more known.

There are no rules here, and the possibilities are limitless. One will always find something to pluck and investigate in the nineteen volumes, but never nothing.

The many intellectual inconsistencies only go to show the lucidity and openness with which Professor Jung approached knowledge and the vulnerability with which he walked his academic career.

He furthered and revealed the possibilities of a marriage between the scientific precision and creative imagination - a fantastical and phenomenological landscape - the garden of revelation of Professor Jung.