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Jung noted that in psychology, "Conceptions will always be a product of the subjective psychological constellation of the investigator.”
This is unequivocally applicable to Astrology.
Therefore, the seeker that arrives at the fountain of wisdom must investigate the source from which the waters sprout.

Darkness delivers depth, depth delivers light, thus, I will now indulge in this self-contracting ego gratifying act of characterising myself by speaking about my journey and experiences so far, fortunately only briefly.
My understanding of being and becoming seem to have developed over the past several years of contemplative action, passive action, action forced by circumstances.
Doing deeds that demand action, a bittersweet concoction of response and reaction.

As the tumultuous self-indulgent, heinously hedonistic, ways destabilised my psyche, luckily college was at the verge of culmination and a spontaneous encounter with Jyotisha occurred and my attention was seized by it.
Changes arise spontaneously, are often painful, cause disruptions and discomfort, and eventually make us feel grateful for having faced them.
This particular change put me in touch with my unconscious, and thus, nudged me in the direction of self-inquiry.

The courage needed to engage in the study of the esoteric phenomenon of Jyotisha had somehow already been established in the guise of foolhardy ways of being in college.
My foolishness flowered into fearless faith.

In January 2014 through sheer grace, Jyotisha birthed itself in my consciousness.
The resonance with the subject was sudden, subtle, and sublime.
A fine balance of skepticism and faith kept me in a state of constant consideration of the philosophies and principles surrounding it.

Over the next few years, I strived and contrived to stabilize my psyche by subjecting myself to its mathematical and metaphysical intricacies.
Beliefs began to shift and more inclusive and expansive ways of being were established.
As this process undertook itself, I taught Music (guitar), worked at a creative marketing agency, did voice-over work, wrote essays on nescient topics, and engaged in other jobs to keep my boat afloat.
As the trend suggests, I, too learned under teachers that misguided me with misinformation.
Eventually, I found the right teachers and the honest student within myself to wield them.
One book opened another, new interests developed, and Jyotisha introduced me to Ayurveda.
I, then, moved my study-table to a village near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and began my life there.
My lifetime relationship with deterioration, disease, and deformity in combination with a deep fire to cultivate determination and discipline delivered the depth and light to my darkness. 
Conscious explorations of the psyche and physiology continues to have an indescribably illuminatory effect on my journey.

Words shy away from expressing with diligence how my share of distresses has impacted my being to become what I seem to be becoming now.

As Jaimini says, "in Sagittarius, fall from heights", all those who choose to persistently walk a path in the pursuance of a transformation, spiritual or otherwise, choose along with it, the failings and fallings. Such is the dualistic and dichotomous nature of Nature, and it is these opposing and contrasting forces that bring beauty to our beasts.
Therefore, I fall, and I fall short of my goals, practices, and ideas that possess me each day, and in this failing and falling, I feel and fathom with fervency all the flavours that life adds to my philosophical palate.

The contrasting forces churn the oceans of consciousness for the development of the necessary tools required to transcend the adversities of the human condition.
This self-contracting expression of my self seems important, but to be speaking in this manner about my self causes confusion surrounding the purpose of Astrology, Ayurveda, and what I strive to do. Astrology, Ayurveda, Analytical Psychology has been the key focus of my research and studies, and it is so to help me fulfil a desire that seems to possess me; to make myself and others illuminate the unconscious and create awareness of the Self.
I seem to be of a certain level of benefit, especially to those who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

I now seek to not seek, but simply integrate the doer and the deed, and thereof, consistently arrive at doing, and therein, help others and myself by studying, practicing, and teaching the things that I find myself involved in.

Let us allow Jyotisha to bring Jyoti, and thus, illuminate the aspects of our self.

Let us bring medicine, mindfulness, and meaning to the mannerisms of our manas that makes mistakes if not managed to manifest with Ma’at and Isfet.

To know more about how I think, live, and become, follow me on Instagram.

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Stars | Psyche | Being

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