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Supervision for Astrologers

A therapeutic space for fellow astrologers

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Location : ​Online (zoom video call)
Price : 90 USD

"A working alliance between the supervisor and counsellor in which the counsellor can offer an account or recording of her work; reflect on it; receive feedback, and where appropriate, guidance. The object of this alliance is to enable the counsellor to gain in ethical competence, confidence, compassion and creativity in order to give her best possible service to the client." {Inskipp and Proctor (2001: 1)}

Supervision is a given within the various mental health disciplines.

It is only in the field of astrology that it has not yet been addressed. In this regard, astrology is not yet very rigorous and disciplined. Attempts are being made in this direction to make Counselling Astrology more methodical, and this service is one such attempt.

Supervision for Astrologers is a formal arrangement for Astrologers to discuss their work regularly with a practitioner of Astrology and thus understand the challenges they may be facing in studying, interpreting, and counseling birth charts.

The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the astrologer/client relationship. It is only after having our own birth chart, our own psyche and its karmic imprints analysed by another, to be seen, to be vulnerable, can we truly understand being in the position of the client. Our resistance towards undertaking such a service in and of itself is something that needs to be addressed before we undertake the responsibility of assessing others.

This service can fulfil the following purposes :
i) Improving learning, skills development, and professional identity development.
ii) Accountability, developing best practice principles, ethical and legal considerations, compliance with agency and organisational procedures and professional standards for the well-being of clients.
iii) Psychological support and scaffolding required to offer professional support to the supervisee. This function can help mitigate the stresses and impacts of the work and promote practitioner well-being.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, dear client, due to the nature of the work, I do not give refunds. I do, however, provide you with an option to reschedule the session if you inform me 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time.
Please get in touch with me at in case you need to reschedule.
Please write to me only if you are genuinely interested and serious about it.
When you pay for any of the services provided by Searchinsachin Astrology LLC, you automatically agree to this Refund and Cancellation Policy.
Please get in touch at if you have any further questions. Thank you.

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Stars | Psyche | Being

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