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Astrology - Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion

As one begins to see the life around oneself as an orchestration of the various planetary frequencies, there begins to take place an inner transformation - one begins to see everything as a play fulfilling itself. A surrender to the Way arises - a non-clinging develops. One need not force this transformation induced by the study of Time or the Way whatsoever, one simply must continue to live one's life while studying, practicing, and teaching astrology, and the constant observance of the astrological phenomenon will naturally garner a sense of detachment - and from this loosening of the grip upon the self arises the three great teachings of the Way - Patience, Simplicity, and Compassion.

This is the "change of heart" experienced by a meditative astrologer - it is nothing special, it is the natural state of each one of us - in this particular case induced by Astrology.

As Lao Tzu whispers into our hearts, "I have only three things to teach: Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion." The study of Time is the study of the Way. As the mind begins to grasp the Way of the world through the eyes of Jyotisha, the mind foregoes grasping, and finds itself fumbling between a forgetting and remembering of this essential truth. There are times when the astrologer regardless of foreseeing the patterns gives into the troubles of pain and pleasure, and then there are instances where the astrologer is somehow able to avert such troubles and thus, remain centred - neither rejoicing in pleasure nor disheartened by pain.

Gradually, the these three teachings - Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion begin to color the entire watery essence of the Moon, of the Manas, of the Psyche of the practitioner. I have only glimpsed it enough for it to be theoretically articulated somehow. 1) Simplicity arises as one astrologically sees how the ripples of Action create the world. One begins to not only see the physiological elemental patterns created by the seasons, but also the psychological patterns of being. This then reveals the fundamental frameworks of the collective human psyche - and the astrologer unravels the human condition - especially, through self-reflection (seeing these patterns within oneself) as well as contemplating the inter-personal relationships.

One realises that every being is plagued by the same problems - similar difficulties and states of sorrows - but in varying degrees and capacities, and each being somehow believes that they are chosen for their suffering or pleasure. The many longings of the heart wither it away - always seeking. Self-absorbed. The heart of the astrologer wants to say, all in its own time dear one, but the mind says, here is the medicine, I hope you take it - always knowing that the medicine will only remove the symptoms and never the cause.

A simplicity arises in one's actions, desires, and one simply foregoes one's own preferential conscious