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And the journey begins...

Images spontaneously arise and mysterious encounters overtake rationality as the attention turns inwards in moments of meditation of an inchoate seeker. In the search, the seeker is lost, lost in the myriad manifestations and entanglements of the mind. The contents that arise from this inner stirring require the seeker to conjure up meaning to not fall apart, this furthers the entanglements. The mind tries to solve the mind, the blind leads the blind.

Unstable dream worlds that give themselves birth and death every night within the ever-bewildered hearts of humanity is only a glimpse of this chaos. The waking state to a spiritualist is merely a slowed down version of the dreamworlds. They are slowed down for the rational mind to work in conjunction with the emotional heart and choose to release itself from the entirety of the cyclical dreaming-wakefulness paradigm. It is a chance for our consciousness to restore Order in the Chaos of the micromacrocosmic self - to realise and release.

Is it the world that provides meaning or the meaning that provides the world? Is it mind shaping matter or matter shaping the mind? Does the inner world give form to the outer worlds or do the outer worlds provide meaning to the inner ones? Was the dream the reality or is this reality the dream? Have I woken up or have I gone back to sleep? The consciousness is subjected to scrutiny and the mind turns against itself, it realises its own out of control nature, self-doubt arises, what is the meaning of life? what is the purpose of life? Ah! The age-old of question. It is when an inquiry of this nature begins to bother the mind that the matters of the heart begin to take precedence over the issues of the world, inner life over the outer one, emotions over rationality, and chaos ensues, and the journey begins.