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April 30th, eclipse

As Bernadette Brady writes, "Is there a difference in the effect of a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse? The difference between the solar and lunar eclipse, as a rule of thumb, seems to be that solar eclipses are more external, dealing with events around the person, and lunar eclipses are more emotional and internal-pondering the problems of life, and so on. However, sometimes this pondering can lead to external events generated by the actions of the individual. So, in summary, we can hypothesise that the solar eclipse will bring in events that we have not consciously precipitated and the lunar eclipses will be associated with events brought about by our own thoughts or feelings."

Every eclipse belongs to a Saros Series, to understand this read Bernadette Brady’s, The Eagle and The Lark, which in my experience by far gives the best understanding of the Saros Series, Eclipses, and their interpretations. Considering we have at least four eclipses every year - two solar and two lunar, mostly, but this can vary. So, does that mean we are continually operating under one or the other saros series? Yes. That's correct. It is eclipses are are responsible for all the trajectories within which the collective and individual evolution takes place. The Covid Pandemic happened during a certain saros series, and so did the war in Ukraine, and so do all things that change the direction of large populations. An eclipse sets the tone for one’s life for that particular section of the year. Believe it or not, it is the eclipses that are responsible for all evolution on earth. For some of us the effects are more drastic and rapid and for others at a negligible pace - this depends on the entirety of the birth chart of the individuals, nations, etc. For those under the time cycles (mahadasha or antardasha) of Rahu or Ketu, the effects are quite significant.
This is a Solar eclipse - Sun’s light being obscured by the Moon. The obsecration of the light happens because of a mathematical point which aligns with the Sun and the Moon, we call it Rahu. Rahu is given names such as ‘Tamo’ which literally means ‘Darkness’, or another name, 'Vidhumtuda' which means 'Moon troubler.' To learn more about this phenomenon watch. : Eclipses work like seasons, they gradually ascend and descend over a period of 3-4 months, blending into the next one - the eclipse begins working upon the Self-Psyche (Sun-Moon) a month or two before the exact day of the eclipse. This is when certain actions are pursued, intentions are set, and motivations and urges arise - all the causes and conditions begin to come together for a certain theme to play out. This gradually snowballs into the main day or week of the eclipse, and then continue a month or two after the day of the eclipse. It is almost a 3-4 month long process. It takes a keen and trained eye for a clear interpretation. To a non-astrologer or an astrologer who has little understanding of such matters these interpretations may come across as unclear or generalised.

There will also be a lunar eclipse on the 16th of May 2022. This particular eclipse belongs to the S.S. 6 North (a series of eclipses that began on May 15, 850.
The interpretation given for this eclipse by Professor Bernadette Brady is, “This family of eclipses is concerned with the individual's relationship to father figures, authority figures or the need to take responsibility and control. This is a time to accept the commitments that are presented, commitments which could occur due to another person's illness or another person's unreliability.” If this much makes sense and seems enough then read no more. But if you seek to investigate further then follow along.

Note : The explanations need to be put into context of your own birth chart for them to truly land. Generalised interpretations can be helpful but also be confusing or seem out of context (especially if you are not familiar with how these things work).
The eclipse is taking place in the signs Taurus and Scorpio. So, we have Sun, Moon, and Rahu (the north node of the Moon) in Taurus, and we have Ketu in Scorpio. The field or 30-degree section of space within which the eclipse is taking place is Taurus. Issues causing confusion, shame, or any kind of breakthroughs, etc, will have Taurean themes and if you know which house the sign of Taurus is in then that is the exact area of life that will get affected. For instance, it is the 8th house for me, and guess who is suddenly moving to a new house (8th house is the house of relocation as well). Taurus is the face, relationship with food and nourishment, family and friends, resources and resourcefulness. All of this will be deeply under consideration during this period.

On a general basis, for those who neither have a background or access or the inclination to study astrology, must only keep in mind the interpretation given by Bernadette Brady right at the beginning and contemplate it more deeply.

The ruler of the sign within which eclipse is taking place is Venus. Venus is exalted and deeply delighted (Mudita Avastha) by Jupiter, and also conjunct Mars. I feel that the final result of the events that take place in the eclipse will allow for a greater healing. Venus allows us to work with a situation in a manner that everyone wins. It also gives us a capacity to absorb shocks and healing from trauma. Jupiter gives grace and wisdom (joy). An understanding which allows one to truly know the nature of things and thus always feel safe and calm even in the face of greatest adversity. Jupiterian sense of luck requires you to have a decent Jupiter in your birth chart to begin with, and so is the case with all the other grahas. If you have a difficult Venus in your birth chart, then this Venus exaltation transit will only be able to do so much, and so is the case with Jupiter, and Mercury. If you are generally a volatile person, then the transit simply brings that to the surface.

Mercury has also transited into Gemini today, which is very supportive to manage all the matters entering your experience.. Mercury has been feeling shame for the past couple of weeks. Mercury is our capacity to communicate, speak clearly what’s inside our head (ability to articulate), manage the details that actually physically allow us to manifest something or make something an event happen. Mercury is also our friends and sense of humour, so these can assist you in dealing with whatever is coming up. If you tend to make friends who do not have your best interest in their hearts then this eclipse can bring such matters to the surface.

For those who have some insight into the world of astrology, must look at the houses and the house rulership, and most importantly the planetary period that is active. For those that are living in deep sleep automations will probably get drunk on a pain or pleasure and remain completely oblivious to such phenomenon. But for those who are working towards becoming more conscious will feel internal shifts and movements arising out of nowhere. This is an opportunity to become conscious of the volatile nature of the mind, to watch and notice one's triggers, one's rage, and do shadow work. Integrate such feelings by allowing them a more gentle space within yourself, do not judge or reject these possibilities. Crazy feelings, sudden fluctuation of one's mood causing one to undertake certain actions that fulfil a certain destiny, obsessing over a thought related to the aforementioned, triggering one to react in ways that then makes them feel ashamed or guilty, etc, are all eclipse matters. For those, who are of a more industrious and busy nature, actively pursuing something, there can be issues with someone being unreliable, unavailable when you need them the most. Ghosting is a common issue for a week or two before and after the eclipse. Someone will suddenly become unresponsive or go into oscillations. These are unhealthy and unstable states of being and seek safety and resolution through gradual awareness. Themes: Financial abundance or financial fears due to sudden responsibilities and new commitments. A need to take control of a situation within the family or friends. Feeling belonged or rejected. Conflict and confusion with one's boss or father figure or someone they take as an authority. Fostering a deeper relationship with someone - but on the shadow side it can be self-rejection. Unreliable partner due to self-absorption or lack of attunement (empathy) or illness (mental or physical). Issues with food and nutrition. Overstimulating the sense of taste while wanting to fast, etc. (Eating disorders) creating shame or self-hate. Eating the wrong foods or over-eating the right ones. Erratic mood swings causing one to make irrational decisions. Finding a calm space, deeply nourishing. Seeking a new opportunity for gains - financial, friendship, in love, etc. Signing up for things that one is not sure about or does not know how to make it work - one can still have trust that it will somehow work (again Jupiter and Venus allow for this ease) Finding help and communicating with a friend - having a good time with a friends, but first there can be feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Committing to oneself for oneself, to find oneself, to search for oneself. Showing up for one's Self. (What does that even mean? Right? Don't worry. Stick to the other themes) Map it all out. With the darkness of Rahu, the light of one's Attention is the anti-dote. Map out the territory properly and see where you stand within this map.

Just know that this is all unconscious contents coming to the surface. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So such issues coming to the surface gives you two options - to sweep it under the rug for them to arise pathologically through beliefs and ideologies that cause one to unknowingly self-destruct, or the second option is to map it all out and keep these shadows within one's conscious awareness, and gradually, work on them.

The conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Rahu, which an eclipse essentially is, is an unease caused to the Sun and Moon by Rahu. The obscuration of the light is a vision of one's Self that causes one to act in ways that puts them in situations that do not feel so good. These can be arousal of repressed contents of the psyche. We feel an uneasy feeling within an environment that seems to have arisen all by itself, a situation seeking resolution but with no clarity. The obsecration of the light of the Sun is not just a metaphor for us to derive meaning from, but a psychological fact being experienced internally as well as externally. One cannot see where one stands, where is one's own place, one's own space. What can I call my own? Matters related to Self and self-concept (Sun and Moon) are under confusion. Either the unreliability of one's lover, or business partner, family, or employee, there is a need to take control and responsibility to become what one needs to become to resolve the situation. A process of individuation must undertake divorcing oneself from the borrowed light.

There is much anecdotal wisdom that I can offer but there is an abundance of it on the internet. What I will, hesitatingly suggest is that - whatever is coming to the surface allow it to resurface as much as you can (good or bad). Manageably. If it seems unmanageable, do not hold on to the images arising within you, tune into something that gives you feelings of safety and comfort. Avoid mania. Undertaking greater decisions and actions on such days often comes with an obscurity, things one did not consider clearly, a misinterpretation, misappropriation of self-worth and one's resourcefulness (taurus), etc. Take a few steps back, let this winds of Rahu subside, and see what this week unfolds for you.

As a Zen master said, “Sometimes a bad situation if managed well can become a good situation, and a good situation if not managed properly turn into something bad.”

Eclipses have a magnification or shrinking effect. They cause neurosis, maniacal states, ecstatic unstable excitements schizophrenic inner chats - all of which can lead us to the next breakthrough or breakdown. A feeling of being smaller than others or greater than others, oscillating from contracting shame to expansive narcissism. Those who are undergoing some sort of training - physical or mental must undertake their practices more sincerely and it will simply cause one to move deeper. Whatever one beholds within one’s psyche, that thought or image becomes magnified. One can be filled with creative insights and joy or worries and confusion. There is a bright side, a very bright side to this eclipse, a side which can allow you to take responsibility, mature into becoming an autonomous being, un-victimizing yourself and moving forward with something that matters to one's Self, beyond the self-concept and its aberrations.

If you are joyous, you will become ecstatic. Whatever is under the surface, repressed, comes out, becomes triggered and magnified. The walls that keep the contents of the unconscious away from one’s conscious awareness become perforated. But know that it is magnified and distorted.

Note: It takes a keen awareness to interpret an eclipse properly but this is where the true juice of astrology is at.
Another thing that seeks clarification is a commonly held belief that if the eclipse cannot be seen from my country then it does not influence me. There are no clear straight forward simple answers for such subtle and complex phenomenon. There are two opposing views that must be taken into consideration. 1) If astrological phenomenon is analogised with weather, then the answer is yes and rightly so in some sense. That is, if I cannot see the eclipse then it does not affect me. This is true to a certain degree.
2) As long as one has a Self and a Psyche, the effects of the eclipse will be certainly felt. Both are true - to some extent different areas of Earth get affected differently while everyone gets affected due to the inherent interconnectedness of all.

The question is often to what degree can an eclipse affect me? The 'me' that you are referring to is the Psyche and the one referring to it is the 'Self'. Isn't it interesting that we refer to a me within ourselves. So, before asking any question shall we not first ask ourselves - why are we asking this question? and ultimately, who is really asking?