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The strife, the search, and the struggles: A self-revelatory journey from Scorpio to Capricorn

The sutras on Rasis from Jaimini Upadesha and Yavana Jataka reveal to us the key themes surrounding a Rasi. It is as if they are not just clues but a deliberate effort by their authors to direct the mind of the reader, by revealing just enough information, in a trajectory of thought where through contemplation, the meaning(s) becomes self-revelatory. The reader stumbles upon more than what is being said in flashes of insight. It seems to be a remembrance of what the Soul already knows.

I have attempted to write about the Rasis Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn in this essay by contemplating and reiterating the keywords/themes from Yavana Jataka and Jaimini Upadeshas, and thereof, utilizing the imagery that spontaneously arose in my awareness.

Jaimini says, Scorpio – demons, water, serpents/Vishnu and deprivation of that contained in the breast. - Jaimini Sutras as translated by Ernst Wilhelm

Yavana Jayaka says, the eighth has the shape of a scorpion in its hole; it is said to be the region of the penis and anus of the Lord. Its places are caves, pits, and holes, poisonous and stony areas, prisons, and the abodes of ants, worms, boa-constrictors, and snakes. In Scorpio are holes, snakes, ants, those who are destroyed by poison, stones, or weapons, those who arc maimed or struck down, and those who are reviled; crawling creatures, scorpions(vrishcika), mongooses (babhru), and lizards (godha) ; such things as serpents and other creatures which live in holes; murderers, those who are stamped on by the feet of their enemies, the corrupted, the poor, and those who obey other men’s wives but wrong their own wives; flesh, stomachs, and female and male sexual organs; and vessels, implements of war, and ashes. -Sphujidhwaja The poison bearing Scorpion infamous for its deadly sting is the animal symbol of the Vrishchika Rasi, widely associated with turmoil, death, destruction, and transformations, and rightly so, as when existence speaks from the unspoken aspects of itself, it is often seen that encounters of terrifying nature arise. The unarrival of freedom and happiness from trade, treasures, tyranny, and trivialities of human existence in the preceding signs, leaves one lost in the mists of the existential vacuum, and thereafter, in the sign of Scorpio, tumultuous times await but as always for a good reason. The pattern-driven ways of the universe, the ways of survival of the manas (the moon, the rhythmic pattern seeking mind) gets the soul stuck in a rut, fixed, rigid, stagnating, all that which leads to actions that sow seeds of suffering for a harvest of pain in the future. It is a fixed (steadfast and slow to change) and water element rasi associated with changes, the combination