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Graha Avasthas: Its derivation and implications

Grahas are described as conscious entities having innate qualities in the ancient texts, and as conscious entities, they are self-aware, and due to this self-awareness, or Ahamkara, they hold peculiar psychodynamics with each other. The relationships of planets with each other based on their innate qualities are called Natural Relationships. The following formula is given below as per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra to determine the natural relationships of the Grahas.

The word Mulatrikona translates to Root Trine (“Mula” means Root and “Trikona” means Triangle). Mulatrikona is where a planet derives its energy from, and according to the formula; it is from the Mulatrikona that if a Rasi is 4th, 2nd, 12th, 5th, 9th, and 8th as well as the lord of its exaltation rasi, it is friendly. For example, Mulatrikona Rasi of Sun is Leo. If we want to understand the relationship of Sun with Venus, we will look at the Venus ruled Rasis which are Taurus and Libra in relationship to Leo. Taurus is 10th from Leo and Libra is 3rd, none of which fulfill the conditions of the rule for a friendly relationship, therefore, we conclude that Sun is a natural enemy to Venus. Moon and Sun rule over only one Rasi each, Cancer and Leo, respectively. In case of all the other planets, if one Rasi holds a friendly relationship and the other an inimical relationship with the Mulatrikona Rasi under consideration, then that planet holds a neutral relationship to the lord of that Mulatrikona. For instance, Sun is neutral to Mercury because it rules over Gemini and Virgo which are 2nd and 11th Rasis from the Mulatrikona of Sun. Similarly, if both hold a friendly relationship with the Mulatrikona, then it is con